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About Us

Right Image Engineering was incorporated as a division of the Right Image Group of Companies in 1993. Since that time the Company has been involved in the Consultancy and Development of Vehicle Electrical Test Systems for the Car Manufacturing Industry this has also included both Emissions and Dynamometer Testing. Right Image Engineering’s management have worked over the years with such companies included Ford Motor Company, JI Case, Austin Rover Group , Yale Fork Lift Trucks, and Honda to name but a few.


In 2007 Right Image Engineering started to develop Via-Aqua, a new fuel reduction system that also reduces dioxides, nitrates  and carbon emissions. This product has been tried and tested on vehicles over a period time with some notable achievements and consistency. Via-Aqua is  now a patented product No 1400439.4 and was officially released into the market on 19th January 2015 after eight and half years of development.


Via-Aqua is UK patented product and has now been submitted to the World Market under the International Patent Corporation Treaty PCT/GB2015/050038. For anyone who wants to reduce their fuel costs by almost half, wants better performance from any vehicle, and wants to help our environment, Via-Aqua is fundamental.

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