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Via-Aqua comes as a plug and play device that fits in the boot of your car and can be installed in less than a day. We use approved VBRA Engineers that have been trained professionally to install the system.


The cost of installing the Via Aqua system is £1,500.00 up to a 5 litre engine be it petrol or diesel. The cost of the actual water is £3.00 per litre and should last approx 1,000 miles.


Even the Supreme Court is now involved with the financial and health effects of our environment which Via-Aqua addresses.


These are actual receipts showing the performance of one trip using Via-Aqua of 170 miles. The journey going was   86 miles without Via-Aqua and cost £20.15p, the journey back was 84 miles using Via-Aqua and cost £10.50p




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