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Via-Aqua is a gas produced from purified water and substantially reduces fuel consumption by up to 44% and also reduces carbon emissions by up to 40%. Via-Aqua produces a fuel called orthohydrogen which has no carbon content thus making it the most environmentally friendly fuel in the world. Furthermore, the product has been manufactured with stringent safety measures, potentially making it the safest use of fuel in the world. This is because the gas is not stored but produced on demand when the vehicle engine is running.  


Via-Aqua can be fitted into virtually every car worldwide, petrol or diesel. The unit, a small box that fits in the boot of your car, is universally compatible without any modification for either fuel type. The system is interchangeable between cars and takes less than 1 minute to fit once the necessary plug and pipework has been fitted. Intuitive design means that the system does not interfere with the original manufacturer’s technical specifications. It synchronises automatically with your vehicle’s Engine Management Control and Fuel Feed Systems by means of an external independent sensory system.


Via-Aqua opens an exciting opportunity to save money as well as protecting our environment, and is not just limited to cars but includes Marine Vehicles, Agricultural and Earth Moving Machinery, Trucks and Buses, and Power Generator Applications.


Via-Aqua is UK patented product and has now been submitted to the World Market under the International Patent Corporation Treaty.


For anyone who wants to reduce their fuel costs by almost half, wants better performance from any vehicle, and wants to help our environment, Via-Aqua is fundamental. Better still it is affordable and comes within most household budgets.

The Product

One trip saved 48% of fuel

1 litre of water lasts over 1,000 miles and only costs £3.00

Free of Nitrates, Dioxides and Carbon 

Improves Fuel Consumption by over 40%

Simple to fit and

Interchangeable between Vehicles

Helping our Enviroment

Reduces Carbon Emmisions


Increases Power and Reduces Engine Noise

Easy to install and use

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